The Model Unit

award-winning design

Home to exclusive designs by award-winning NYC interior designer Jon Call, The George brings an eclectic and lavish atmosphere reminiscent of boutique cosmopolitan hotels.

At The George, our apartments are blank canvases, where residents can decorate a space true to their own comfort, style, and inspiration. When it comes to designing their own home, the imagination is the only limitation. Each apartment is outfitted with a package of furniture and those pieces are the building blocks for design. Additional key accessory pieces are implemented by Mr. Call Designs to emphasize the space and existing furniture.



Storing all appliances away and freeing up counter space, as well as sticking to tight color coordination keeps the chaos at bay. Message boards are a fun and engaging way to keep all roommate communication in one place. Bar stools can be added to the bistro bar for optional, comfortable seating, and additional personality.


Dining Room

The dining table and set of dining chairs are placed to showcase the large floor plans. When paired with an over sized chandelier, these pieces create contrast, a focal point, and the first impression. An eclectic mix of shapes and styles are anchored together by a cohesive color palette will amplify your individuality.



Each bedroom is also equipped with a private bathroom. Make your bathroom a relaxing space to start and end your day by limiting your counters to the basics; soap, flowers, and an air freshener. Consider under-counter storage for all your odds and ends.



A velvet, tufted headboard has been added to the provided bed frame. A tan, leather, upholstered desk chair is also added for extra sophistication and comfort. Additional lighting and art is installed to brighten and color the room. Choosing one saturated hue and creating an accent wall can help define space. Keep in mind to work within the wood finishes in your furniture and choose a palette that compliments the shades and doesn’t complicate the overall design.


Living Room

In the living room, the furnished sofa is decorated with optional throw cushions. A mirror was added on top of the coffee table and a giant piece of art was hung to add elegance within the space. Utilizing bold color and pattern, the items in this room were curated to elevate the existing finishes. A contemporary mirror laid on top of the existing coffee table and a large piece of art framed by short pieces of trim, are inexpensive ways to accentuate personal style.